April 8, 2009

Yanni Voices CD Review

This CD is relaxation at your fingertips. As soon as the first song, Omaggio (Tribute), plays, every muscle in your body relaxes and you know something good is going to happen. The second song "The Keeper" has an r&b, pop, and soul feel to it. It is also a great song to play when you're getting tender with your significant other. Leslie Mills' voice is ethereal, angelic-like.

"Our Days," the third song, has a fantastic beat/rhythm. You feel as if you are in some far away country. It really has that ethnic Moroccan/Indian beat to it. It is a great song!

Every song on this wonderful album is unique and the songs pull you into their lyrics. Leslie Miss, Chloe, Nathan Pacheco, and Ender Thomas' voices are immaculate. This album will make you want it to never stop. Everything is perfect!

Song number 5, "Before The Night Ends" sounds almost like a lullaby. It's beautiful and soothing- which a lullaby-type song should be. I would recommend listening to it before bed. It will make you a tiny bit sleep. That's how good it is.

Song "1001," which is number 6 by the way, has a tango flair to it. If you close your eyes, your mind will come up with a story. You're walking down the hot streets of Buenos Aires and you lock your eyes with a hot guy. He walks towards you slowly and as he reaches you, the song starts playing. You both start the tango as the look of desire can be seen through his eyes. I really need to stop day dreaming!

But honestly, while I'm listening to the rest of this amazing CD, go get this album. It is the most relaxing music you will EVER hear. That is a promise!

Visit http://www.yanni.com/ to find out more about this album. Then go to your local music store and buy it!

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