March 24, 2009

Ballas Hough Band- Closer (CD Review)

A few weeks ago, I had gotten a CD to review from the One2One network. That CD was from the Ballas Hough Band.

First off, I have to say, I LOVE this album! While I listen to almost everything, I also have a soft side for metal music. In this case, I have grown to love pop music! The band reminds me of Backstreet Boys, BBMak, and Westlife from the Boy Band era.

The first song off of the album is "Do You Love Me." I absolutely love this song!! When I first heard it, I swear I played it over and over until I finally got to the rest of the songs.

Number 8's song is called "Do It For You." Now, some songs just grab you and make you want to dance. This song did! My sister and I, in fact, danced to it several times- even if it we did look like dorks.

While I am 24 years old, I still like to revisit my teen years and listen to pop... So, naturally, I wondered if this album would be up to par with the other ones that are out there. Honestly? This CD is not even in this world. If you have daughters (or sons) that love pop music, but also need a different sound to it, then get them this CD. They will love it as did I!

March 22, 2009

Twin Banter and more

I hate technology.... and pollen.

We're sorry we haven't posted in a while. We once again had computer problems (as if that's anything new) so we had to wait almost a month before we were able to get it fixed. We had to go to the public library every other day just so we could do the basics: check our e-mails and post on our personal blogs. That absolutely sucked because you only get 1 hour a day to do anything and everything you need. Personally, I need more than an hour do to what I want. I am a fast typer but slow at doing everything else. Hell, I'm even putting off studying Algebra (remember: Studying for the THEA here) because I suck at it. But no worries, computer is all fixed now.

I also hate pollen for one specific reason- allergies. I have the WORST Spring allergies around the house and it makes me feel extremely terrible. Today might just be another day where I don't get anything done. I'm okay with that.

We're going to have to hold off on the giveaway. The economy hasn't helped and we can't seem to find a sponsor (even though we were going to hold our own). Hell, I can't even get a sponsor at Texas Banter... I'm jealous of those who get to hold them all the time. I promise that as soon as we can, we will hold a giveaway. I'm just not sure when.

Manders is doing well. Still studying for the THEA (she's going for Psychology and I'm going for Animal Science). I don't think much has changed for her... That is- except for her nickname. It's "Twister". "Twin" "Sister"- get it? Not much has changed for me either.

Sad, isn't it?

March 2, 2009

Easy Does It!

I know, I know. You are all chomping at the bit for us to get this giveaway... well, underway. I feel the exact same way. Sometimes it's hard for people who hold their own giveaways (without the help from sponsors) to get everything together so that they CAN hold their giveaway. That's how it is for us. But as soon as I know when we're going to hold it, you'll be the first to know. Okay? Now, don't forget to subscribe to TwinTastic just in case we post updates or post little hints on what the prize might be.


Lately it seems as if all I do is study. No, I'm not in school yet. I am studying for the THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment), which is a test to evaluate the readiness of students for college-level coursework in Texas. It's divided into 3 sections: Reading, Math, and Writing. Of course the Reading is Reading Comprehension, which I have absolutely no problem with. I just suck at Math and need a little help with the Writing. I am starting with the Writing so I can devote the rest of my time to Math and brush up on the Reading. I don't know how Manders is doing in the sections, but I can promise that she's a hella lot better at Math than I am! So we've decided that soon we will hold a "Study Session", in which she helps me with Math and I'll help her with anything she's having trouble with. I think Manders is a little more prepared to take the test if she had to take the test now than I am.

Smokie had her kittens but unfortunately, none of them made it. They were premature and underdeveloped. Smokie got really depressed that morning and the following day but is doing better. She's playing with Princess (Manders' kitty) and eating. Of course, she still wants to sleep all the time but she's starting to come around.

Beside the economy hitting us hard, we are doing a-okay. Now I am going to finish a few things, listen to a few songs, and then go hit the books.

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