May 1, 2009


Angela here! Manders is asleep (I guess because she didn't sleep so well last night.). She's taking a longer nap than I did today and I was under the influence of cold medicine! I guess she's just tired.

Things are going well for us. We are reading the Twilight series and we love it! Manders needs to read the 4th book and I need to finish reading the 3rd. Even I would have fallen in love with Edward. He's sounds so damn sexy!

Zeus, Princess, Patches and Smokie are doing the... same? Smokie has gotten needy. She escaped this afternoon while we were out and when we got home, she was by the porch. She saw me walking up the sidewalk so she decided to start walking up the porch steps and meow at me. Usually she just runs away because she likes the chase. Today, she actually let me pick her up and when she fought against my grasp, once the door was open, she walked right in. Good kitty. But now she wants attention constantly, ever since she lost both her kittens. I won't go into details but she has gotten super needy since then and will often wake me up even at 3 in the morning for attention. I feel sorry for her. I really do.

Now, I will be holding a giveaway starting May 4th on my blog, Texas Banter. It will run from May 4th to May 10th at 11:59CST. I am not disclosing what it is, but you should head on over there so get a peak at the blog and find any way to remind yourself. If you have Windows Vista, a note on the side bar will come in handy.

So remember: May 4th, the giveaway will go live. May 10th at 11:59CST, the giveaway will end.

See ya there!

Edited to add: Might help if I post the link, dontcha think?

And don't forget to head over to Confetti Dreams for lots of Manders' banterings as well!


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